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ATP Physical Therapy provides pre- and post-therapeutic fitness and strength training services to community members looking to optimize their quality of life and embrace an active lifestyle, regardless of previous injury history. Services are catered to all levels in an effort to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and community based fitness, as well as reduce the recurrence of chronic injury. 


Services are conveniently offered in both our Livonia and LeRoy locations by Dr. James Johnson PT, DPT, OCS. 

Monthly Consulting

  • Includes full access to mobile training app with pre-scheduled custom training sessions

  • In-App messaging for 24/7 communication for questions/concerns/adjustments

  • ONE introductory, in-person session per month included for assessment and educational purposes

  • Nutritional guidance and coaching

  • Weekly email check-ins to adjust program/training for subsequent week

  • Video consultations as needed and at client request

  • Extra sessions a la carte at normal rate

This first option is primarily virtual and internet based with one monthly in-person session to adjust programming, assess form, test strength, and optimize injury risk reduction. It is for the client who is independent but looking for guidance and direction into their programming. This option is best for those that need a quick tune-up to their form and wish to learn specialty techniques and exercises, but have an existing foundation in weight training not requiring the trainer’s in-person assistance with each session.

Individual Training Session

  • Direct 1 on 1 training with Coach James at a frequency of your choosing

  • 1-hour training sessions

  • Includes access to personal phone number for questions/concerns between sessions

  • No maximum or minimum session requirements

  • Discounts for small group sessions on a case by case basis

  • Does Not include monthly access to the ATP mobile training app

The second option is direct personal training services at our Midway Fitness location, however does not include access to the training app or monthly programming of alternate workouts. This package is best for the client who requires more oversight into their program, necessitating trainer presence at all or the majority of training sessions.

VIP Membership

  • Includes access to all services included in option 1 (online training app, ongoing programming, nutritional coaching, etc.)

  • Includes FOUR in-person training sessions per month at no added cost, to be scheduled at the beginning of each month

  • Extra sessions a la carte at normal rate

Option three is a combination of all services for holistic care and oversight into the individual's health and fitness goals. It includes benefits and access to our mobile training app and weekly sessions with Coach James for 24/7 comprehensive coverage. This package is a 100$ discount from normal rates for those truly committed to their goals.

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